Democrats for Nader

We are an organization representing thousands of repressed Democrats in the Chicago area who have decided finally that we can't support Gore's campaign. With just weeks left in the election, we have grown tired of arguing for the lesser evil. Now, we are arguing for the only candidate who we believe in -- Ralph Nader.

Nader is the only candidate who believes in:

Nader also believes in: Gore has let Democratic members down time and again. The Republicans are justified in questioning Gore's truthfulness. Gore wavers on women's issues. Even though he wrote a book on environmental issues, his record shows that he has done little to help the environment. Hopefully, he doesn't change his mind on the abortion issue or send any more of our troops off on peace keeping missions. Remember, he voted for bombing in Serbia. He states that the first bill he will push in office is campaign finance reform. If he believes in the issue, why doesn't he stop taking corporate soft money now?

If you are a Democrat and finds yourself depressed by your choice, then join us build a third party to reform. At the last minute, vote Nader to send the message to Washington that the American public is fed up with party politics.

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